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Before You Buy

Things to consider when buying a property

What is the purpose of your purchase? Do you intend to live on Boa Vista? Is the property to be used to rent out? Will you use it only for your holidays or is it purely an investment to resell for profit. These questions will determine what sort of property you will be looking to buy and it is strongly recommended that you visit the island before making any final decision.

Property development on Boa Vista is relatively new and it is many years behind its close neighbour Sal Island. You will need to understand that what you see now on Boa Vista may well be very different in 5 years time. The areas around Cabral and Estoril Beaches will be heavily developed, Sal Rei itself will expand in size and there will be beach club developments in the South of the island. The eventual construction of a ring road around Boa Vista may lead to property developments in the more remote corners of the island.

At the moment all new properties being offered for sale will be off plan and may be 2 or more years away from completion so you will need to check the plans for the area you are buying in to see what else may be being constructed by the time you are ready to move in, you may find that lovely ocean view is not going to be there in a few years time!

Before you choose a location there are many other questions you will need to ask yourself.

How close will I be to the amenities such as shops, bars and restaurants? At the moment the only place on the island where these exist in any recognisable form is Sal Rei.

How will I get electricity, water and Gas? At the moment electricity supply is by generator and water supply is either by desalination plant for large developments such as beach clubs and for everyone else it is by trucks or tankers delivering water by the cubic meter to be held in storage tanks. If you are a local living in Sal Rei you queue for water from a tanker near Praia Diante! Gas supplies are purchased in bottles from local shops.

How close will I be to a hospital? Again the only recognisable clinic is in Sal Rei but the good news is that construction work is almost complete on the new hospital in Sal Rei.

What if you are interested in the many outdoor activities that the island has to offer? Well if you enjoy walking, shore fishing, bird watching or to a certain extent surfing then the island is yours, however if it is diving, sea fishing or horse riding then these can only be found close to Sal Rei. This will change in time with opening of many more large developments that will offer their own facilities.

How do I furnish my property? Who will look after the property and service it if it is to be used for rental purposes? How do I market it? What guarantees are there on new buildings in Cape Verde? How do I insure my property? How do I go about selling it when the time comes?

The answers to some of these questions will be found on this website through the companies advertising on the site. Or you may choose to join the forum attached to this website in order to post your own questions. Anyway you have decided that you still wish to purchase property on Boa Vista, so go to the Legal Process section on this page of the website.

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