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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Towns & Beaches - Boa Vista Experience

Towns & Beaches around Boa Vista

Below is a map of the towns and beaches around Boa Vista, please click on a town or beach to view details.

boa vista Interactive Map

The best way to see the more remote beaches of Boa Vista is with an experienced local guide in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. This can be arranged through most good hotels or through tour agencies such as A Baleil Azul, Morena tours or Olitours, all situated near the main square in Sal Rei. Or alternatively through organised quad bike trips which are offered by the quad bike hire companies.

If you are intending to make your own way to the more remote beaches then you must understand that although Boa Vista has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world; it is their very remoteness that has left them almost untouched by mankind. When visiting these beaches please remember that there is no mobile phone coverage and they are mostly a long way from any habitation, the fact that there are spectacular sand dunes also makes it very easy to get stuck in any type of vehicle. Therefore please make sure that you carry adequate supplies of food and more especially water and that someone is aware of where you are and what time you intend to return so that the alarm can be raised if you fail to return.

  • Rabil
    Satellite image of rabil Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Key for Map of Rabil

    1. Church of St. Hoque: the 2nd oldest church in Cape Verde
    2. Crystal Night Club
    3. Restaurant: Sodade di nha Terra
    4. Restaurant: Souvenir D'Europa
    5. Main Square
    6. Airport runway

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  • Povoacão Velha
    Satellite image of Povoacão Velha Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Key for Map of Povocao Velha

    1. School
    2. Juventide Centre with Internet
    3. Snack Bar: Capova
    4. Bar/Merceria
    5. Bar/Merceria: Santo Antonio
    6. Main Square
    7. Church

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  • João Galego
    Satellite image of João Galego Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Key for Map of Joao Galegos

    1. Church
    2. School
    3. Public Telephone
    4. Cultural Centre: Amilcar Cabral
    5. Main Square
    6. Bar/Merceria: Lalone
    7. Disco/Club: Tuff Goin

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  • Fundo das Figueiras
    Satellite image of Fundo das Figueiras Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Key for Map of Fundo das Figueiras

    1. School
    2. Bar/Merceria: Boas Irmaoes
    3. Bar/Restaurant: Nha Terra
    4. Church & Clinic
    5. Post Office and Telephone
    6. Bar/Merceria: Bicas
    7. Bar/Restaurant: Tieta
    8. School
    9. Town Square

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  • Cabeço das Tarafes
    Satellite image of Cabeço das Tarafes Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Key for Map of Cabeço das Tarafes

    1. Bar/Merceria
    2. Bar/Merceria

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  • Estoril Beach
    photo of Estoril Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Estoril Beach is situated South of Sal Rei and is sheltered by the Ilheu de Sal Rei making it ideal for families and the novice at surfing, diving and watersports. There are a number of beach bars (see map of Estoril Beach) as well as the submarine diving centre and the Boa Vista Wind Club where you can obtain expert instruction in diving and surfing. Estoril Beach stretches for several kilometres and becomes more remote and beautiful the further you walk, The South of Estoril Beach offers wonderful views of the twin peaks of Santo Antonio and Mount Estrancia as well as the dunes of Chaves beach to the South.

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  • Chaves Beach
    photo of Chaves Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Chaves is a wonderful beach full of high sand dunes that run down to a glorious turquoise sea. Chaves beach is home to the new Riu Karamboa, The Parque de Dunas Club, The Venta Club and the soon to be built 6 star Palm View Resort. Chaves Beach is truely one of the best beaches in the world and has to be seen to be believed.

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  • Verandinha Beach
    photo of Verandinha Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Verandinha beach is more exposed and provides excellent conditions for the more experienced wind surfers and kite surfers. The Atlantic waves have carved caves out of the rock which are interesting to explore.

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  • Santa Monica Beach
    photo of Santa Monica Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Santa Monica Beach is named after the famous beach in California. Santa Monica beach boasts 18km of beautiful white powder sand washed by a glorious turquoise ocean. Santa Monica is currently unspoilt and largely deserted apart from the occasional visitors. Santa Monica's sheltered position on the South of the island makes it ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

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  • Curral Velho
    photo of Curral Velho Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Curral Velho is another fabulous beach of white powder sand it is also well sheltered from the wind and provides excellent conditions for sunbathing. Just behind the beach is the abandoned village of Curral Velha and it’s long dried up lake which is now a bed of dried salt. The descendant of one of the original inhabitants has recently returned to the village and is restoring a house and opening a beach bar.

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  • João Barrosa
    photo of João Barrosa Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Joao Barrosa beach is famous for its turtles. During the nesting seasons thousands of loggerhead turtles descend on Joao Barrosa beach to lay their eggs and during the late summer nights the eggs hatch and the new born turtles scramble down to the sea guided by the moonlight.

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  • Ervatao Beach
    photo of Ervatao Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Ervatao beach is the base for an international research project studying the loggerhead turtles in an attempt to understand this ancient creature and to ensure its survival.

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  • Praia de Santa Maria
    photo of Praia de Santa Maria Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Santa Maria is the long stretch of exposed beach to the North of the island which is named after the shipwreck of the Spanish cargo vessel of the same name that ran aground here in 1968. Santa Maria beach lies in the path of the constant North East winds that blow across Boa Vista. This wind swept shore is breath taking and usually deserted making it a wonderful destination for a walk from Sal Rei which is only 6km away.

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  • Cabral Beach
    photo of Cabral Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Cabral Beach is just North of the town of Sal Rei and is home to many of the new property developments on Boa Vista including Vila Cabral, Por do Sol, Delfini, Creola Sands and Sabi Sands. The road that runs behind the beach leads to the Marine Club and the Jewish Cemetry just in front of the hillside of Rochinha.

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  • Lacacao Beach
    photo of Lacacao Beach Boa Vista Cape Verde

    Praia Lacacao is yet another powder white sand beach on the South of Boa Vista Island and it will be the home of the new Riu Hotel being built on Boa Vista

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  • Lacacao Golf and Beach Resort

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