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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Bars & Restaurants - Boa Vista Experience

Bars & Restaurants on Boa Vista

Please refer to the map of Sal Rei for the location for most of the bars and restaurants listed below

Many of the restaurants have links which you can follow to find out more information including reviews and pictures. Please feel free to add your own comments on the forum

Price Guide

€ - €5-10 per person
€€ - €10-15 per person
€€€ - more than €15 per person.

Sal Rei

  • Blu Marlin (Santinha) Boa Vista Cape VerdeBlu Marlin (Ca Santinha) €€

    A small restaurant, on the main square in Sal Rei (map ref:41). It is advisable to book in advance. Speciality is Cape Verde dishes, the highlights being fish and other seafood, caught that day. The bar is open all day. There is a varied wine list. Hosts Santinha and Luca.

    Telephone: 00238 2511099

  • A Lua Maluca Boa Vista Cape VerdeA Lua Maluca

    This newly opened bar is Italian owned and run. It is located close to the shore near the port. The bar is very tastefully decorated with comfortable seating including an outdoor area. (Map Ref: 4)

    Click here for additional information on A Lua Maluca


  • Chandinho Boa Vista Cape VerdeChandinho €€

    This newly opened Italian restaurant is close to the shore near the port. The interior is spacious and tastefully designed. As well as the normal fish, the restaurant served a variety of pasta dishes, the service was of a very high standard. (Map ref: 5)

    Click here for additional information on Chandinho


  • Grill Luar Boa Vista Cape VerdeGrill Luar €€

    A local Cape Verde run restaurant with a glorious view over the harbour (map ref:7). Access is rather difficult, up a steep staircase of 4 flights that requires you to bend frequently. Most dishes are available, especially fresh fish. Very popular with locals.

    Telephone: 00238 2511730

  • Naida Boa Vista Cape VerdeNaida €

    Possibly the oldest restaurant on Boa Vista Island situated on the main square (map ref:34), it is usually necessary to book. Very simple surroundings. A varied menu, especially fish, mostly grilled.

    Telephone: 00238 2511173
    Mobile: 00238993 4804

  • Temanche Boa Vista Cape VerdeTemanche €

    On the pier at the touristic harbour next to Praia Diante (map ref:33). Run by a local Cape Verde man from a container. Basic menu of wholesome dishes. Outside seating overlooking the fishing boats. Lively location and local meeting place at lunch time and in the evenings.

    Click here for additional information on Temanche

    Telephone: 00238 9918784

  • Riba d´olte Boa Vista Cape VerdeRiba d´olte €€€

    Portuguese Restaurant, up the hill from the main square (map ref:10), varied menu, including vegetarian dishes. Speciality is octopus rice. Hosts Pedro and Maria. Please note the restaurant only opens when the owners are resident on the island, please call to check the restaurant is open to prevent disappointment.

    Telephone: 00238 2511015

  • Bar Restaurant Lima Boa Vista Cape VerdeBar Restaurant Lima €

    Down hill towards Praia Cabral (map ref:15). Restaurant upstairs, bar downstairs, however meals can be taken in the bar.

    Telephone: 00238 9919209

  • Makena Boa Vista Cape VerdePub Cocoa

    The Italian owned Cocoa bar is in the north-east corner of the main square (map ref:19) between the BCN bank and Morena Tours. There is a long main bar and the walls have Hollywood posters giving it a distinctly European feel. The bar is spacious and has a wooden balcony overlooking the main square.

  • Crioula Boa Vista Cape VerdeBar Crioula

    The home of the Boa Vista Ultra Marathon Club (map ref:61).

    Telephone: 00238 2511373


  • Esplanada Municaipal Silves Boa Vista Cape VerdeEsplanada Municaipal Silves

    Located in the main square in Sal Rei (map ref:45) and locally run the Esplanade Municipal Silves provides a variety of sandwiches and snacks as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. During the day it is a lively place to sit and watch the world go by. On weekend evenings it becomes the central attraction in town with music and dancing. On Sundays local musicians will regularly play traditional Cape Verdean music.
    Tel: 00238 9971264

  • Maresais Boa Vista Cape VerdeMaresais

    Located next to the beach (map ref:48) there are lovely views over the fishing boats. Providing mainly fresh fish directly from the pier, lobster is a speciality.
    Tel: 00238 2511430/00238 2511341

  • Hermosa Boa Vista Cape VerdeHermosa

    Located close to the beach on the South side of Sal Rei (map ref:64). Local Cape Verde run restaurant serving local grilled meat and fish dishes.
    Tel: 00238 2511309
    Fax: 00238 2616380

  • Rosy Boa Vista Cape VerdeRosy

    Opposite the Migrante guesthouse (map ref:13) this locally owned bar provides a range of meals based on local meats and fish.
    Tel: 00238 2511242

  • Cantinho de Sal Rei Boa Vista Cape VerdeCantinho de Sal Rei

    This is a newly opened Cape Verde owned restaurant (map ref:28) close to the main square providing local dishes of grilled fish and meats.

  • Tambrera Sal Rei Boa Vista Cape VerdeTambrera

    This is the restaurant located in the Boa Vista Hotel, location 57 on the map of Sal Rei. The restaurant is one of the more spacious in Sal Rei and is bright and colourful with painted walls depicting various locations on Boa Vista. The menu is more varied than some local restaurants and there is a good selection of wines to choose from, the prices are also very reasonable.

    Click here for further information on the Tambrera

  • Ka Djinha Sal Rei Boa Vista Cape VerdeKa Djinha

    location 47 on the map of Sal Rei is a small locally owned bar that is very popular in the evenings with the local community. The bar pays homage to Bob Marley and regularly plays reggae music.

    Click here for further information on the Ka Djinha

  • Monster Garage Sal Rei Boa Vista Cape VerdeMonster Garage

    (map ref:14) on the map of Sal Rei, this recently opened bar is close to the new Creola Sands development. There is a raised outdoor seating area as well as the main bar lounge. The bar sometimes hosts local bands playing new Cape Verdean techno inspired music.

    Click here for further information on the Monster Garage

  • Unico Sal Rei Boa Vista Cape VerdeUnico

    (map ref:1) on the map of Sal Rei, this recently opened bar is close to the main port and has great views over Praia Cabral. The décor is modern and there are inside and outside seating areas including cosy sofas and raised bar stools.

    Click here for further information on the Unico


  • Estoril Beach Hotel Boa Vista Cape VerdeEstoril Beach Hotel €€

    On Estoril Beach, within the Estoril Beach Hotel (map ref:70). The restaurant, managed by Carlo Stefani, is situated on first floor; it has a large veranda where you will be able to enjoy the most gorgeous view of Estoril beach which is just 50 mt from the hotel. The restaurant provides a range of local Cape Verde dishes as well more traditional Italian dishes. Once a week there is a Cape Verde evening with traditional music played by local artists.


  • Tortuga Beach Boa Vista Cape VerdeTortuga Beach €€

    The bar and restaurant are set back from the beach behind rows of sun loungers and fixed beach umbrellas. Italian run there is a variety of meals available during the day including omelettes and pizza.Tel: 00238 9930811 or 00238 9918789

  • Boa Vista Social Club Boa Vista Cape VerdeBoa Vista Social Club

    Finally opened in June 2009 after a very long wait. this beach club is run by a local Cape Verde man and his English wife (Jose and Harry). The club is planning to provide a place for exhibitions of traditional Cape Verde culture as well as a range of snacks and drinks.

    Click here for further information on the Boa Vista Social Club

    Tel: 00238 2511800

  • Bahia Boa Vista Cape VerdeBeach Bar Bahia €€

    Beach Bar Bahia: situated to the south end of Estoril Beach on a vast expanse of beautiful sand, the ideal location to relax and sunbathe after your meal.Tel: 00238 9817192

  • Pastelaria Doce Vida  Boa Vista Cape VerdePastelaria Doce Vida

    This recently opened (late 2008) Italian coffee shop (map ref 71) provides a range of cakes and desserts along with good Italian coffee.

  • Alisios Bar/Restaurant Boa Vista Cape VerdeAlisios

    The Alisios Bar/Restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere to relax and take in the scenery on a beautiful stretch of Estoril Beach. A range of hot and cold snacks and beverages are available throughout the day.

  • Ca Luisa Boa Vista Cape VerdeCasa Luisa €€

    A friendly Italian run restaurant/pizzeria close to Estoril Beach (map ref:69) serving a traditional variety of Italian pizzas which includes vegetarian.
    Telephone: 00238994 2098/9817191

  • Café de Mar Boa Vista Cape VerdeCafé de Mar €€

    A newly opened restaurant on the first floor of the existing Bambu Disco building in the Estoril beach area.

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  • Sodade di nha Terra Boa Vista Cape VerdeSodade di nha Terra

    Provides a varied menu of Cape Verde dishes including locally made goats cheese. The restaurant is lively and is very popular with the locals.

    Click here for further information on the Sodade di Nha Terra

    Tel: 00238 2511048

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Fundo das Figueiras

  • Nha Terra Boa Vista Cape VerdeNha Terra

    Food can be taken here during tours of the island but it is best to phone two hours ahead of your arrival to place orders or you may face disappointment.
    Tel: 00238 2521105

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  • Lacacao Golf and Beach Resort


The traditional Cape Verdean dish is cachupa which is a slow boiled stew of Maize, beans, vegetables and marinated meats. There are two distinct varieties of cachupa, rich mans cachupa which will be made with pork or chicken meat, and poor mans cachupa which will be made with fish and greater proportion of beans and vegetables. Cachupa takes a long time to prepare and most restaurants will require a period of notice to serve this dish.

Cape Verde is a fish lovers paradise with lobster a speciality bit also widely available are tuna, octopus, garupa and many other varieties. These normally come grilled with rice or chips and salad.

A speciality on Boa Vista is the locally produced goats cheese which is a must to try and the local drink that is available everywhere is grogue.

If you are vegetarian then you will be limited to omelette in most restaurants, however some of the Italian restaurants such as Il Capriccio and Ca Luisa do serve vegetarian pasta and pizza dishes.


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