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Boavista Cape Verde Island Information - Boa Vista Experience

Boa Vista Cape Verde

A visit to the island of Boa Vista during your cheap holidays to Cape Verde would be a fantastic idea if you are looking for a tranquil place where you can relax and unwind before taking your airline flights home. We have put together a few important tidbits of information which you will find highly useful should you decide to spend a few days on a wonderful getaway or purchase a holiday or retirement home in the tropical paradise that is Boa Vista island.

Boa Vista Cape Verde is known as the Island of Dunes and Beaches. Here you can discover what Boa Vista has to offer both the casual holiday maker and those looking to invest in a holiday home. You can see the variety of accommodation available on Boa Vista, from all inclusive hotels to self-catering apartments. There are details on where to eat and drink, where to find the best sports and activities, where to go shopping and much much more. There is also a Forum where you can learn more about Boa Vista and share your experiences.

Please use this website to discover what Boa Vista Island Cape Verde has to offer for holidays, property investment and much more. You will find information on sports and activities on the island including diving, surfing, windsurfing, walking, bird watching, fishing and even the famous Boa Vista Island Ultra Marathon. There are details of places of interest to visit during your stay on the island and there is a detailed map of the main town on Boa Vista Cape Verde, Sal Rei showing the location of most amenities, there is also an interactive map showing the main towns and beaches with video links and a picture gallery so you can get a real feel for the island of Boa Vista. There is information on hotels and self catering apartments where you can check availability and make bookings. You will find details of all the main bars, restaurants and nightclubs as well as information on transport to get around Boa Vista Cape Verde. There is information on where to go shopping including the islands beauty treatment and hair dressing salon. If you are really taken by Boa Vista then why not check the property developments section where you can request further information about the many different types of property available on Boa Vista Island for both holidays and investment.

The website is linked to a forum which will provide news updates for Boa Vista as well as updates to information on the website. It is also hoped that visitors will add their comments to the forum to provide information for future travellers.

So how did it all begin?

Cape Verde legend has it that in the beginning when God created the world he was left with crumbs of dirt in his hands. On rubbing his hands together, the unwanted crumbs fell into the vast blue Atlantic Ocean. Today we known these crumbs as the archipelago of Cape Verde.

Boavista is the third largest of ten islands that form Cape Verde. Boavista island boasts 55km of white sand beaches including the 18km of Santa Monica Beach, one of the most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world. Boa Vista is a harsh, dry island, with a mostly flat desert like interior, rainfall is unreliable leading to frequent droughts and there is a lack of infrastructure. These harsh conditions have led to most of the native people from the Island of Boa Vista emigrating and now officially only 4,000 people reside on the island, about 1% of the Cape Verde population. It comes as no surprise that Boa Vista is the birthplace of the "morna" a unique form of mournful Cape Verde music that speaks of the love of lost ones.

The island of Boa Vista has also been cruel to seafarers; it is surrounded by reefs with strong currents and the high iron content of its rocks played tricks with compasses leading to many shipwrecks around its shores. Yet the location of Boa Vista Island makes it ideal for a large variety of wildlife, from mating whales to exotic seabirds. Boa Vista is home to the 3rd largest breeding site in the world for loggerhead turtles making it the most important island for turtle conservation in Cape Verde.

Boa Vista Island has been a well kept secret by a few pioneering tourists to Cape Verde, but that is now set to change. The Cape Verde government has ear-marked Boavista Island for major tourist development. The new international airport opened in October 2007, the infrastructure of Boa Vista Island is being vastly improved with new roads, power supplies and desalination plants. There are eventually plans to have 30,000 hotel beds on Boa Vista. Tourism will become the backbone of the Boa Vista Island economy.

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