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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Communication - Boa Vista Experience

Communication on Boa Vista

Landline Telephone

CapeVerde´s international dialing code is +238.

Most hotels, even those with a low star rating, have a telephone in the room, otherwise at reception. Calls to the UK vary in cost, from €2- €3 per minute. It is worth checking the rate before calling. You could get family of friends at home to ring you, there are favourable rates available by checking Martin Lewis´s website ( for competitive rates from the UK.

There are public telephones, one is outside the Telecom Centre in Sal Rei (see map). Another is on Avenida dos Pescadores in Sal Rei. However both these have been broken at the same time. You will need a phonecard, which can be purchased at the Post Office. It is still rather expensive, these phonecards are more convenient for public telephone calls within Cape Verde.

In Sal Rei are numerous stores/internet cafes allowing international calls at about 50 CVE per minute. Prices vary, do shop around.

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Mobile Telephone

mobile coverage map for Boa Vista Cape Verde

Mobile phone usage on Boavista has been run by the national network operator CVMóvel S.A. since December 1997. The technology used is GSM 900/1800.

UK roaming partners are O2, Orange, Vodafone and "3". Calls are easily made, however charges are exorbitant. Vodafone charge £1.69 per minute + VAT. A missed call to an answering machine also incurs these costs! A few calls could easily exceed £100!

It has been advised in the press that as of 21 December 2007 T+, an international mobile communications provider, will also be operating services, initially only in Santiago, however it is hoped by the end of 2008 to include all territories. The company has promised to be competitive. T+ will be investing heavily (US$ 50million over 3 years) in roaming and international calls. It is rumoured their international call costs will be half of those from CVmóvel.

An additional option is to buy a local sim-card (CVmóvel), costing €40 for €30 of calls, and putting it in your UK GSM phone, presuming it is unblocked! However this sim-card needs frequent updating to avoid expiry. It is an option if you return to Cape Verde frequently. After 2 months of no use, the contract gets cancelled. Calls cost a little under €1 per minute to the UK. Options with T+ are still unknown.

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By Internet

There are many different places that offer internet access in Sal Rei and the connections are usually reliable. The place with the most computer screens is the juventide centre (map ref 55) costing about 200cve for 30 minutes, however this can be very busy during the day with local school children. The best range of facilities is offered by the ICBV (map ref 12), the price for basic internet access is 4cve for one minute (1 hour = 240cve) with no minimum time "skype" phones and web cams can be used. Personal laptops are allowed with a cable (no wireless) at 500cve per hour (minimum 15 min = 125cve, remaining price calculated by the minute. Printing is 30cve for a b/w A4 paper AND 50cve for an A4 colour printing.

Otherwise the Estoril Beach Hotel does allow access from your own laptop on their outside patio. We believe management elsewhere will allow in certain circumstances. A fee is levied. Larger hotels often also allow access on their computers at an hourly fee.

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By Post

Postal services are quite reliable, costs reasonable. Postcards are freely available. The Post Office (map ref 1) is open Monday to Friday 08h00 - 12h00 and 14h30 - 17h30.

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A means of keeping updated on news. Is usually by satellite, especially in better hotels. Expect availability in English to increase. Pub Mokena shows Italian/Portuguese football.

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