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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Shopping - Boa Vista Experience

Shopping in Boa Vista

To locate most of the shops mentioned below please refer to the map of map of Sal Rei.

picture of the inside of Boas Compras Boa Vista Cape Verde

Contrary to popular belief it is possible to buy most basic foods, toiletries and medicines on Boa Vista so there is no need to pack these unless you have no intention of visiting the main town Sal Rei where all the best shops are located.

picture of the outside of Boas Compras Boa Vista Cape Verde

As a general rule shops tend to open around 9am and close at 12:30 reopening at 15:30 until 18:30. Saturday is a half day with most shops closing by 1pm and Sunday everywhere is closed. In the case of emergencies the shell garage on the road out of Sal Rei to the airport opens 7 days a week from 07:30 to 22:30 and has water, cigarettes, beer and a small range of food and non-food items.

picture of hairdresser at Boas Compras Boa Vista Cape Verde

The only shop on the island that provides a range of goods that would not look out of place in a UK supermarket is Boas Compras in Sal Rei (map ref:36). In addition to a full range of food and non-food items the 4 storey side extension offers a hairdresser and beauty salon with showers and a treatment table, a floor of electrical goods including white goods and a floor of household items such as kitchen and tableware. Boas Compras also provides a home delivery service.

The other food shops fall into 3 main categories. Mini markets, Chinese Lojas and the local Bars/Merceria.


These sell a range of food items including fresh produce and some basic chilled items along with basic toiletries. The 3 main shops in the centre of Sal Rei are:

picture of Neves and Filhos Boa Vista Cape Verde

Neves and Filhos on the main square next to the BCN bank (map ref:22).

picture of Pinto & Pinto’s Boa Vista Cape Verde

Pinto & Pinto’s opposite the A Paz hotel just off the main square (map ref:50).

picture of Djidji Mini Market Boa Vista Cape Verde

Djidji Mini Market at top of hill near the port (map ref:6).


picture of pharmacy Boa Vista Cape Verde

The pharmacy is located in a side street off the main square behind the municipal library (map ref:23).

Gift Shop:

picture of pharmacy Boa Vista Cape Verde

Newly opened Portuguese gift shop selling items of clothing and accessorise (map ref:53).

Hardware Stores:

picture of EMA Hardware shop in Boa Vista Cape Verde

Boa Vista also has shops that can supply basic hardware and DIY products including tools, electrical supplies, key cutting services, curtain poles and many other necessary items. EMA (map ref: 44).

Chinese lojas:

These are numerous and scattered around Sal Rei, they usually offer a range of cheap imported clothing including beachwear, but do not expect any high fashion! They also provide imported plastic wares and household goods along with some food items.


picture of bar Camilla Boa Vista Cape Verde

These are small shops usually the front rooms of houses that provide a range of canned and packet goods and some basic toiletries as well as alcohol and tobacco, they will usually have a counter or bar where you can order and consume alcoholic drinks. Outside of Sal Rei these are the only types of shop you will encounter.

There are also shops selling souvenirs and goods produced by local artists. The main souvenir shops in Sal Rei are:

A Baleia Azul:

picture of A Baleia Azul Boa Vista Cape Verde

The A Baleia Azul gift shop has recently relocated to the public pier opposite Temanche Bar (map ref:29).



Morena agency:

picture of Morena Boa Vista Cape Verde

In the main square next to Bar Cocoa (map ref:20). The shop sells various local curiosities and souvenirs of the island. Morena can also organise car hire, island tours and horse riding
Tel: 00238 2511445


picture of Olitour Boa Vista Cape Verde

On the west side of the main square (map ref:40). The shop again provides many local souvenirs and has a range of Cape Verdean music. Olitour can also arrange car hire and quad bike tours.
Tel: 00238 2511743
Mob: 00238 9923884

Local Artists:

picture of local artist shop on Main Square Boa Vista Cape Verde

There are also a range of shops selling artefacts produced by local artists which you will see when you wander around the local streets.

picture of Mario Costa Cape Verdean Photographer on Boa Vista Cape Verde

Mario Costa is a local Cape Verdean photographer who displays and sells his pictures of Boa Vista in his gallery (location 17).
Tel: 00238 9924860

African Market:

For the more adventurous shopper, close to the Touristic Harbour is the African Market (map ref:56) with goods of interest. Head there if you feel brave, don’t be taken in by a sob story with the intention of extracting money from you. If you are not interested, rather ignore them, once you enter into conversation, it would be difficult to get away. Whatever happens, NEVER let them put jewellery on you, they will get aggressive in getting you to pay for it! Although the problem is not nearly as bad as on neighboring Sal.

picture of Municipal Mercado Boa Vista Cape Verde

Fresh Local Produce:

For fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought at the Municipal Mercado in the main square (map ref:43) where the villagers from the towns of Norte travel in daily to Sal Rei to sell their produce.

Fresh Fish:

Fish can be purchased directly form the fishermen as they arrive back at the public pier or on Praia Diante (map ref:21).


picture of bakery Padaria Boa Vista Cape Verde

Freshly baked bread and rolls are available most days from early until late at the “Padaria Tuna” (location 9) at the top of the hill in Sal Rei, next to the Riba d’olte restaurant.






picture of bakery Riba d’Olte Boa Vista Cape Verde

There is a new bakery (location 9) next to the Riba d’Olte Restaurant.


There is a launderette (Lavaria) at the entrance to town from Rabil (location 58). Laundry is charged by weight and is collectable the day after it is dropped off

picture of Lavaria Boa Vista Cape Verde

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