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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Getting Around - Boa Vista Experience

Getting Around Boa Vista

picture of a hired car Boa Vista Cape Verde

There are currently very few major roads on Boa Vista. There is a new tarmac road from the airport at Rabil to Sal Rei and there are cobble laid roads from Rabil across the north of the island to the villages of Norte and Bofareira, and south from Rabil to Povoacao Velha. This will all change in the near future with a new tarmac road being commenced in 2008 from Rabil to the southern beaches ahead of planned tourist developments. Other roads are sure to follow.

Public Transport

At present Aluguers run frequently between Sal Rei and Rabil at a fee of 100CVE, however there is no fixed timetable. Aluguers also go to the airport in anticipation of flight arrivals/departures. To other destinations they leave Sal Rei in the afternoon, only returning the following morning (commuter run).

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These are chartered Aluguers, costing about 10 times the public fare. You can get a taxi within Sal Rei for about 200CVE a trip. Rabil is 500CVE, Santa Monica 5,000CVE. Morre Negro 6,000CVE. A day trip around the island will cost 9,000CVE and will require a 4WD vehicle. To gain the greatest benefit from a tour of the island it is essential to have an English speaking driver (unless you speak Crioule), this can be arranged through Elaine at A Baleia Azul gift shop or through Morena travel agency (see map of Sal Rei).

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Car Hire

picture of hired cars

Can be arranged at most hotels or in Sal Rei from Morena travel agency 00238 2511545, Olitour 00238 2511743 and Melitour 00238 251111. It is presumed that, in time, car hire facilities will also be at the new international airport. Due to the lack of roads on Boa Vista it is essential to hire a 4WD vehicle to get around the island, it is also important to know how to drive across sand dunes if you plan to visit the islands many beaches. Please remember that if you get stuck there is very little mobile phone coverage and no rescue service, always carry plenty of water in case of any emergency.

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Scooter Hire

From Quadland

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Quad- bike Hire

picture of quad bikes

Quad bikes provide some of the best opportunities to view the more inaccessible areas on the island including the best beaches. Organised tours can be arranged through Quadland, Quad Aventura, Olitour and Mourena agency.

The main agencies for hiring quad bikes are Quadland with offices in the Main Square and Quad Ventura with an office in the Polivalente on the main road out of town to the airport. Please use the use the advertising banners on this page for further details.

Some basics to be aware of is that it is not permitted to ride a quad bike within 80 metres of the shoreline. Also be careful if you are asked to sign any contracts that absolve the hire company of any liability in case of personal injury. Remember that if you are venturing out alone on a quad bike that there is limited mobile coverage and if you have an accident in a remote location there will be no means of summoning help. It is recommended that you use the organised guided tours where you will be with an experienced driver who knows the area and who can guide you to the best locations and who will also know the places to get food and water.

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Bicycle Hire

From Olitour on the square in Sal Rei.

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On Foot

Boavista is relatively flat and easily covered on foot, please see the section on walking in "sports & activities".

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£1 (GBP) = CVE
£1 (GBP) = EUR
€1 (EUR) = CVE
$1 (USD) = CVE
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