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Boa Vista Cape Verde - Information on Arrival - Boa Vista Experience

On Arrival to Boa Vista

Entry visa and passport control

All visitors without Cape Verde passports except South Africans now need a visa. A passport valid for six months is required. Visitors from the British Isles may buy a visa on arrival at Sal airport the main entry point for the Cape Verdes for €25 in cash (notes). US and Canadian residents should apply to the consulate in Washington. Belgian and Dutch residents or passport holders need a visa from the local Cape Verde consul in advance. Residents of Spain or Portugal should apply to the Consulate in Madrid or Lisbon (and various regional towns)

The local currency is the Escudo, which has pretty pictures of sailing boats. It is pegged at 110 to the Euro and so represents about 130 to the pound (please check the currency converter on this page for the latest conversion rates). It has been stable against the euro for a long time, but high interest rates and controls have been in force to prevent it depreciating. It is not a convertible currency so that you are not supposed to take it out of the country and you cannot change it abroad.

On Sal many tourist enterprises and even the aluguers will accept euros. But you will generally pay 1O% too much. On many other islands you cannot use them at all.

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£1 (GBP) = CVE
£1 (GBP) = EUR
€1 (EUR) = CVE
$1 (USD) = CVE
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