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Cape Verde Visa Information

A visa is necessary to enter Cape Verde. There are various means of getting a visa:

  1. If you are coming from a country with a Cape Verdean Embassy, you can get a visa in advance. The UK or Eire do not officially have an embassy. However you can get a visa from the Honorary Consul, Joao Roberto, based in Liverpool. Visa application forms are available on the website. You then send off the completed form, your passport, a copy of your return flight ticket, a passport sized photograph, a copy of your hotel reservation or references in Cape Verde and £55 by recorded delivery. Very complicated. Your visa should be with you within 3 days.
  2. By far the most popular and a much simpler and cheaper way: if you are a British or Irish national, departing from the UK or Ireland, you will not be turned away from the departing airport, or when you arrive in Cape Verde be refused entry, without a visa. You can purchase a visa at the point of entry. It costs €25 cash. So if you have €25 cash per visitor, no problem. See it as a form of arrivals tax. It is important to ensure your passport is still valid for 6months from your arrival date in Cape Verde.
  3. If a travel agent/tour operator has booked your flights and/or accommodation, your visa fee could be built into your package fee. This will save you having to join long queues to obtain a visa at the port of entry. Your name should be on a “visa arrival” list on arrival. However some agents might not have paid for the visa, so check before departure from home, as you may be asked to pay on entry, even though your name is on this list. Thomson’s arrange visas in advance, you just complete the necessary form on their website. Some people, through a lack of understanding have paid twice, so probably "2" above is a better option.
  4. Certain local hotels are able to arrange visas. You could check on booking.

On arrival all visitors fill in a white immigration slip, whether your visa has been pre-arranged or not. The visa process has been known to change. It is standard that a visa can be purchased in cash at the port of entry.

The visa is usually valid for the duration of your stay, or at least 1 week. If your visit is for longer and the visa not for the necessary length of time, speak to the police at the port of entry. The approach is rather relaxed and extensions for up to 90 days are possible.

Cape Verdean currency can be purchased as you enter the airport/port foyer.

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